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Global R&D leaders in ecological water systems and purification of contaminated water sources.

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Who we are

Ofra Aqua is a global pioneer in research and implementation of nature-based technology for treating water and creating natural swimming pools and ornamental systems.

The Ofra Aqua team is a rare combination of devoted individuals from the field of water engineering, environmental engineering, agronomics, biology, architecture and construction engineering. The collaboration and synergy between our team members creates a unique company, and that is what stands behind its achievements in Israel and abroad.

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What we do

Purification projects

Our purification systems engineer natural processes  to purify even severe contamination that cannot be treated in any other way. Our understanding of natural purifying processes make it possible for us to offer creative solutions that are aligned with nature and the environment.

Landfill Leachate

Nitrate removal

Purifying Wastewater

Lakes and streams


Ponds & pools

our ponds are an authentic reconstruction of nature at its best, allowing us to have healthy, clean and mineral rich water, containing all the life-supporting biological components needed for our well being.

Ecological swimming pools

Natural ponds

למה אנחנו

Why us

שקיעה ובריכה אקולוגית

International activity
Unique research division
Developing innovative projects

Design &Building departments
Over 25 years of experience
Reducing costs for customers

Real ecological pools
Adaptation to Israeli & arid climatesExpert phytoremediation advisors to the European Union
Ecohydrology turning risk into asset

מה אומרים עלינו

What people are saying about us

Ofra Aqua Plants designed several water facilities in our Alon Towers project in Tel Aviv. These facilities included: ecological pools, a reflecting pool and waterfalls.

During the process of design and building of these facilities, Ofra Aqua Plants demonstrated professional skills, vast knowledge of the relevant regulation, experience in choosing materials and equipment, while taking the climate limitations into account.

I certainly recommend this company as a consultant/designer in the field of water facilities.

Benny Goldstein, Best Center Real Estate

Some of our customers

מרכז מידע

Information Center

In this database you will find articles describing studies we conducted, case studies and extensive material in the field of water purification by the constructed wetland method that we have developed and improved during the last 25 years.

Purifying dairy farm wastewater using the natural biological system

Wastewater from dairy farms is known in Israel and abroad as a polluting factor that requires special treatment. For this purpose, a reform was enacted to act as leverage for adapting this field to contemporary environmental requirements. Notwithstanding sizable investments by the government and efforts of the dairy farmers, many dairy farms are still not ready for the new regulations.

Constructed Wetlands and Reed Beds

The constructed wetlands and Reeds Beds purifying method, is a branch of the scientific field of Phytoremediation. This field deals with water and land purification using plants and the microorganisms related to them. Constructed wetlands mainly purifies water, and, in some cases, sludge.

Treatment with mineral oils and phenols using aquatic plants

Natural biological systems are used more and more in purifying "hard" wastewater containing phenols and hydrocarbons. The path was paved by studies funded by the US Army and the large gas companies 10-15 years ago. Today the US army is gradually transferring all its facilities to vegetated systems, as are the companies Texaco and others. 

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