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Nitrate removal

The excess use of fertilizer, especially in animal agriculture, is the main cause of worldwide groundwater pollution with nitrate. Nitrate slowly trickles into groundwater, and due to lack of carbon source is not effectively removed by the soil column, as previously believed. Nitrate level of above 10 mg/L (Israeli standard for drinking water is 70 mg/L) is identified in the scientific literature as a cause of cancer (mainly colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer) and as a factor damaging the reproductive system.

The salting of well water with nitrate is a persistent global problem that is not going to go away. We are now experiencing the pollution that we caused 40-50 years ago, and it sadly appears that things will get worse.

Unlike with osmosis systems, we do not separate the nitrate from the water, as this is a process that is costly to us and the environment, and one which co-eliminates vital elements from the water. Instead, we treat it biologically with high efficiency and at much lower costs, compared to other technologies.

Our nitrate purification technology preserves the vitality of the water, while removing the excess nitrate. Following a pilot that continued for 11 years, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Health, the technology was approved as a basis for supplying drinking water. This is the only natural technology to have received this highly regarded and stringent regulatory approval.

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