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Ofra Aqua Plants is a global pioneer in research and implementation of nature-based technology for treating water and creating natural swimming pools and ornamental systems.

The methods developed in Israel by Ofra Aqua’s scientists are based on tailored constructed wetlands containing aquatic plants and other ingredients. These wetlands purify and cleanse water, while enriching it with minerals and secondary metabolites such as antioxidants and vitamins. The resulting water is clean, healthy and full of life, just like in a spring or a clean stream without any chemical disinfectants. Water from Ofra Aqua’s ponds take on the color of a spring, their water completely transparent or light green, not sterile blue which is the color of chlorine.

Ofra Aqua has a research division that carries out studies regarding water purification in Israel and abroad. The company is operational around the world with subsidiary companies in Spain and China, and a partnership in Mexico. The company’s wide range of commercial enterprises and research collaborators reach national levels, such as with Mekorot (Israel’s national water company), water purification authorities in China, Italy, Catalan; Mexico, Environmental agency of France and more.

Ofra Aqua develops, designs and builds bodies of water based on wetlands, including water gardens, public and private swimming pools, rainwater harvesting basins and more. Using experimentally determined nature-based techniques the company purifies contaminated water in streams, springs, lakes and wells. In addition, the company develops and promotes onsite solutions for purifying wastewater, sludge volume reduction by 95%, and even offers solutions for extreme waste like landfills and chemical factories. Ofra Aqua Plants is also engaged in preventing pollution from reaching  groundwater.


The company was founded in 1991 and has carried out hundreds of projects of different sizes, in Israel and abroad: in China, Europe, Central America and the Middle East. The demand for Ofra Aqua's services is a result of the reputation built over 30 years as a global R&D leader, employing a highly skilled staff specializing in providing natural and ecological solutions, where others have failed.


Our Team

The Ofra Aqua team is a rare combination of devoted individuals from the field of water engineering, environmental engineering, agronomics, biology, architecture and construction engineering. The collaboration and synergy between our team members creates a unique company, and that is what stands behind its achievements in Israel and abroad.


Gur Zayit

Head of the Projects Team and an expert in combining water and plants. Gur's motto is "green, green and only green". He has many years of experience leading greenery and water projects, with special aquatic plants, customized for the customer's surroundings.


Felix Schneider

Head of Engineering Department. Felix has over 20 years of experience in constructing ecological pools for our company. He is also experienced in leading large and small domestic and institutional projects, maintaining precision in creating durable and lasting facilities, built from the heart.

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Saleem Zakharian

Finance Manager. responsible for the P&L, cash flow and bookkeeping, managing financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems .in addition Responsible to Develop and to implement operational policies and procedures, oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing, Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.  Saleem has B.A in accounting and business management from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and  over 5 years of experience as operations and financial manager.


Maoz Alkoby

Logistics director. Making sure that nothing is missing in our many different projects and that the teams have all the necessary equipment and components and that our facilities have the best and newest equipment.


Sarah Wendel

Administrative director. Sarah takes care of us and the customers, making sure the office and the administration operate perfectly. Sarah has been organizing and connecting us, for good and efficient workdays, for over a decade.


Benad Dovorovski

Head of Maintenance department. His mission is to keep all our customers happy. His motto is "Nobody is going home if something is not working". Binad keeps everyone positive at the many facilities we must maintain. He is an expert on botanica and hydraulics, simply a delight.


Lena Karin

Accountant. Lena has been keeping our books, numbers and accounts in order for almost a decade, collaborating with the project management. Lena is accurate, credible and responsible.


Omar Tahuah

Project Manager. Omar organizes perfectly, and is adept at generating quantities lists, working closely with customers, contractors and supervisors. Omar sees that the results are at the required standards, and makes sure that everyone knows what needs to be done.

Awards & Recognitions


Israel Ministry of Health - Drinking Water Approval


Israel Asia Chamber of commerce, award of exellence

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Horizon 2020 SME - ZeroNitro Natural Nitrates Removal, Seal of excellence


EU-COST Programme- expert phytoremediation advisors

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