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Landfill Leachate

We treat landfill leachate and runoff – that is, liquids originating in garbage dumps and landfills that ooze into the ground and groundwater . When dealing with older garbage mounds, a high degree of engineering proficiency is needed and when dealing with problematic waste (for example, leather industry), the treatment system is required to be more precise and complex.

For example, we treated garbage mounds in China (adjacent to the leather industry, which is creating black pollution in the water) and also at Hiriya (our flagship project in Israel), an extremely salty and challenging runoff that we succeeded in bringing to a high water quality level, helping to convert the degraded site into an ecological park with trails, water features, visitor and study center.

The projects presented are only a few examples out of hundreds of projects that were carried out.

Hawa-Du South China.

Hiriya treatment of runoff.

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