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Purifying Wastewater

Ofra is active in the field of treating wastewater to high quality in Israel and abroad.

For example, in Mexico we implemented aquatic plant-based systems to purify urban wastewater with minimal operational expense. In China we treat landfill leachate and piggery wastewater. In Spain we treat winery wastewater, and in Israel we have many projects that include treatment of brines (from reverse osmosis process), wastewater from chemical factories, rural gas stations, dairy farms, treatment of sludge from livestock and municipal wastewater treatment plants, polluted streams, lakes, and more.

In every case, we use long-term, stable, environmentally friendly wetlands, adapted to the type of waste, creating purified water in accordance with the required standards, without using chemicals and intensive mechanical equipment.

Types of wastewater treated:

Urban wastewater – Ofra Aqua Plants has extensive experience in treating urban wastewater –for example, the many projects that we applied in Mexico and Israel. The system not only purifies the wastewater, it also becomes a beautiful decorative site for any neighborhood in which it is implemented. Ofra’s high-quality systems are suitable for integration into the built-up environment, and are found in modern high-tech cities such as Tel Aviv.

Industrial wastewater – Ofra Aqua Plants developed a range of nature-based solutions for complex, high strength wastewater, including brines from desalination plants, high concentrations of fats, solids and organic compounds. We also treat high-level nitrate and phenols.

Treatment of greywater- Ofra Aqua Plants builds high quality public greywater systems, to the most stringent degree of regulatory approval such as, for example, at the Porter School at the Tel Aviv University and the Ganei Tikvah 550 unit residential complex.

Dairy farms – Ofra Aqua Plants treats milking systems rinse water, manure and sludge, using innovative, completely natural means without using failure-prone mechanical facilities.

Sludge purification – Ofra Aqua Plants purifies and dries sludge generated by many industries. Unlike other drying processes such as heat, liming and windrow, we are able to extract capillary water from sludge, up to complete mineralization.

The projects presented are only a few examples out of hundreds of projects that were carried out.

Sludge purification – Ayalon Wastewater Treatment Plant

Shmueli Dairy Farm

Zabaim Dairy Farm


Treatment of greywater at the School of Environmental Studies

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